Thu 22 Sep

The Ones

Peter Schmeichel and members of ‘Magtens Korridorer’ creates a new Rock’n’Talk show

Few people know that former professional footballer Peter Schmeichel is also a musician and comes from a musical family with a great and intense interest in, knowledge of and love for music.

This autumn, Peter Schmeichel can be experienced in a new role as storyteller and frontman for the rock band the Ones, when together with members of Magtens Korridorer he combines a musical journey through seven decades of rock music with captivating anecdotes and personal memories from Peter’s life with football, family, music, Manchester in the 90s, Brøndby, the national team and legends.

My father was a professional musician, and in his family music was both a great passion and a career. It was my father who insisted that I learn to play an instrument” says Peter Schmeichel, who plays guitar and piano in the band.

In the band, I have chosen to take the back seat, from where I soak in the company of some of Denmark’s most experienced rock musicians – and I learn every day and love being part of a well-playing team again” says Peter.

He is flanked by the band’s guitarist and bandmaster Niklas Schneidermann, who together with drummer Anders Ramhede is part of Magtens Korridorer.

I LOVE good stories, football and rock! And if anyone has football stories and knows how to tell them, it’s Peter. We are helped with the rock thing – and I can probably be persuaded to tell a story or three from the country roads…” says Niklas Schneidermann.

The Ones consists of: Peter Schmeichel (vocals, guitar, piano), Niklas Schneidermann (vocals, guitar), Anders Ramhede (choir, drums) and Mikkel Fjelding (choir, bass).