Fri 16 Sep

Rafael Cerato (FR) + Phil & Derek (CERCLE)

Rafael Cerato (FR) + Phil & Derek (CERCLE) + Support @ STAGEBOX

Den 16. september er det tid til at danse!
An event you can’t miss! On the 16th of September it’s time to dance and celebrate!

We will offer you a club experience like no other place in Denmark, at Copenhagen’s new super venue Stagebox with the capacity of 2000 people.

We are proud and very excited to present, Rafael Cerato (FR), and for the first time in Denmark Phil & Derek (FR)!


  • Rafael Cerato (FR)
  • Phil & Derek (CERCLE) (FR)
  • + Support

Rafael Cerato (FR)
There a few DJs that have had the ability to cause an impact on multiple genres. From Progressive House to Techno, French born Rafael Cerato has arrived with a crafted production style like no other.

The Aix-en-Provence/Marseille based Rafael Cerato is known for blending emotional and percussive sounds with rolling and powerful basslines, adding his own vocals and guitar with a touch of New Wave and Dark Disco synth vibes. Releasing selectively on respected labels such as Systematic Recordings, Diynamic Music and Stil Vor Talent, Rafael Cerato also runs his own label and events Ritual.
Now turning his hand to Techno Rafael finally dropped a long-awaited debut studio album on the infamous Marc Romboy’s Systematic Recordings in 2020 with his Sekater EP. Rafael has been touring the past decade around the world to play in most famous clubs from Ibiza to Australia, Brazil to Russia, Asia to South Africa to name a few, Rafael is writing his own story years after years!

Phil & Derek (CERCLE) (FR)
Phil & Derek met in 2016 and first started working together as Cercle’s Artistic Director and Cercle’s CEO & Founder, before creating this complementary duo during a memorable night in Mexico.

The symbiosis they felt that night was the beginning of their career as a duo, strengthen by their enriching solo careers and the start of many amazing nights around the world. To name a few, they played in Ukraine with Ben Böhmer, Paris with Stephan Bodzin, Egypt with WhoMadeWho…

Philippe Tuchmann entered the music industry by DJing under the alias Phil Dark, and he quickly got the attention of the Parisian techno scene and started organizing his own parties “We Want Dance”

With the success associated with his parties, sets, and his releases on Time Has Changed Records, he was granted the artistic direction of Pigallion and the famous Faust club in Paris.

At the same time, he became Cercle’s Artistic Director, and has been juggling between DJing with guests such as Jamie Jones, Stephan Bodzin, Polo & Pan, handling club’s artistic direction and also Cercle’s artistic direction.

His focus is now 100% around Cercle, where he has teamed up with Derek to give the world a new connection between music and cultural heritage and landscapes. A project that started in France and that have since taken them to all the corners of the world.

Derek Barbolla known for founding @CERCLEMUSIC, has together with his partner Philippe Tuchmann taken their journey to Copenhagen, and will perform for the first time in Denmark!